EBI 16 – 135lbs / 61kg

The female bantamweights

16-woMan Bracket

Beatriz Mesquita – Bianca Basilio – Lila Smadja – Brooke Mayo – Liz Tracy – Amanda Alequin – Nikki Sullivan – Jess Feliciano – Kayla Patterson – Sophia Nordeno – Luanna Alzuguir – Miri Niedrauer – Talia Marie Vaughan – Tracey Goodell – Amanda Ribas – Amanda Leve

Plus CJJ special matches

Richie Martinez (C) & Bobby Emmons – Welterweight Title Match

PJ Barch & Mikey Gonzalez

EBI Rules. San Diego Performing Arts Center, San Diego, CA

June 24, 2018 5pm pt / 8pm et

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  • Feb

    EBI 16: The Female Bantamweights 135lbs Plus CJJ 170lbs Title Fight

    San Diego, CA 

  • Sep

    EBI 17: The Middleweights 185lbs featuring Combat Jiu-Jitsu rules

    Muscle Pharm, Burbank, CA 



A Mexican-American, Eddie is a leading innovator of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who’s cult of personality has garnered attention from every community he has spoken to. Eddie invented the current rule set that is spreading to every level of competition in the world which focuses on what everyone falls in love with, the finish.



UFC spanish color commentator, Fox Deportes UFC analist, and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Eddie Bravo black belt. 

Victor is an MMA promoter with over 15 years experience. Also a personality bringing value to the UFC talent pool as a coach, producer and espanol commentator. Davila is the voice to spanish speaking fans giving the UFC color with his MMA knowledge and insight.